Monday, August 26, 2013

Short Story

FINALLY! I got around to posting something, and yes I did cut my hair :)
I was soo excited to post some pictures of it, but I've been so busy I haven't 
even had time to take any decent looking ones lol.

Last summer, I decided to cut my long hair a little shorter than this and
I shockingly didn't regret it. which I always do, when it comes to 
haircuts. I thought about letting it grow out and maybe putting 
highlights, but it looked really boring and lifeless. I personally
love it! what do you think? do you like? would you ever cut your
hair short or are you committed to the long locks? 

Awkward pose alert!!!
maybe this is why I didn't get a career in modeling lol. I think I was trying 
to be all cool like the fashion bloggers, but it obviously didn't work.

sweater: American Eagle // shorts: JcPenney // sandals: Jessica Simpson // 
clutch: Kohl's // watch:MK

Thanks so much for reading!!
Wendy C.