Thursday, September 5, 2013

Subtle Mixture

Here I am, once again, wearing one of my favorite skirts. These last
couple of days I wasn't in that skirts and dresses kinda mood.
All I wanted to wear was my comfy jeggings. Which I kind of did,
maybe a little too much...shhh no one has to know lol.  But expect
a couple of those to come soon. I'm going through one of those
I wanna wear dresses everyday kinda moods, even though 
I only own like 5.
Ever since I started posting my outfits on Instagram, I've noticed 
that I mix patterns more than I thought I did. A good way of doing
this is by sticking with similar colors. Take this look as an 
example, I mixed stripes, cheetah and snake print. But it 
all seems to work. the shoes go with the skirt and sweater,
 while the cheetah print belt goes with the bag and skirt. This is
 a subtle way of making a simple outfit stand out a little more 
without it being too in your face. Would you ever mix prints? 

sweater: Jc Penney // skirt/belt: American Eagle // sandals: Jessica Simpson // bag: Kohls // watch: MK

Thanks so much for reading!
Wendy C.