Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ombre Heart

So for today's look I'm sharing two of my latest purchases at AE. first, let's talk
about how cute this sweater is. I fell in love with it the minute it came in the
store and was countering down the days until I could get my hands on it. I love
everything about this sweater the heart, the fit, and don't get me started on the 
ombre color lol. The second Item is these adorable flats/sandals (to be honest I
don't even know what to call them lol) these are currently my favorite pair of shoes,
they are comfy and have this boho vibe that makes me crave warmer weather 
even more now. I can't wait to pair these babies with a white maxi dress, I just 
gotta find the dress first!

On to the look, I wore this saturday to run a few errands which reminds me if
you have a Poshmark account you can follow me!! I'm currently selling some of
my clothes and will continue to add more as soon as I go through my closet
again. I wanted to keep the look comfy since I was gonna be running around all
day. what do you guys think about it? do you like?

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sweater/jeans/flats: American Eagle // bag: Kohl's // watch: MK

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Wendy C.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Brights

pink/blue bag: Kate Spade // yellow: Phillip Lim x Target
Today I'm sharing just a quick post of these cuties. I few days ago two of my friends
and I met up and had a fun photo shoot at the park. During the next few days I'll
be sharing a few of the many pictures we took, in the meantime, here two pictures of
our three little babies who are so ready for spring to come. Don't you just love how bright
these cuties are!? It's crazy how I get happy and wanna dress all spring like just by
looking at these pictures.

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Wendy C.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Left My Heart In Paris

I used to be a huge fan of graphics t's, but as I've gotten older my 
interest in them slowly decreased. One of the reason I decided to
get this American Eagle T is because of how soft it is and the fact
that the print is not super flashy, so I figured it would be easy to 
incorporate it into many looks. I also really liked the little message,
who doesn't dream of going to Paris!? if I had to choose personally
I would go to Italy, I have this dream of someday going and visiting
the small coastal towns, the pictures I find online make me fall in
love with it more and more. But hey I would gladly take a trip to
Paris anytime if I could! ;)

On to the look, I decided to play with layers to spice up the plain
jeans and t-shirt look. I added this super old flannel that I barely
wear but can't seem to get rid of and my LC Lauren Conrad 
blazer. The blazer made this very casual outfit a little more put 
together, which is something I like to do to my looks since I 
don't really have the job or life that requires super dressy outfits.
 trust me I'm looking forward for the time where I can have the 
excuse to wear heels and dress-up on a daily basis, which means
I would have to go shopping for a new waredrobe something I
would take advantage of and fully enjoy. I girl can dream you know! ;P

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 t-shirt/jeans: American Eagle // blazer: LC (kohls) // flats: H&M //
bag: Chaps // watch: MK

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Wendy C.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Currently Craving: Little Mistress Spring Collection

With my sister's graduation coming up in a few months I've been on 
the hunt for what outfit to wear to the ceremony. I came across Little Mistress,
this website is full of simple yet classy pieces that can definitely be
worn on many different occasions. for instance these pieces I'm sharing
with you are my top picks for the graduation ceremony, but pairing it
 with the right accessories I see myself wearing these pieces on date night, 
a birthday get together, and even on a regular spring day when
you want to look put together but still be comfortable. 

What do you think about my picks? would you wear any of them?
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!
Wendy C.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Flannels & Boyfriends

boyfriend jeans, either you love them or you hate them. I personally
really like them and the fact that they give any outfit this sort of 
"I don't care" kind of vibe. Whenever I wear mine, which reminds
me I need to go on a hunt for some longer ones for the cold months, 
I tend to dress mine a little edgier than how I usually dress. I
always find myself reaching for my moto jacket or my ankle 
booties to toughen up the look a bit. 

This look is a great example of what I usually pair them with. This 
American Eagle flannel has been my go to shirt ever since I got it,
its the perfect shirt to layer with as well as wearing it alone. 
I was a bit hesitant before getting it because I didn't think the
colors would look good with my skin tone, but I'm glad I did 
because I can't seem to stop wearing it. I'm looking forward to 
spring and being able to pair it with dresses, skirts, and shorts!
Are you a boyfriend jean supporter or not??
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 jacket: Rock & Republic // flannel: American Eagle // jeans: Charlotte Russe //
booties: Olsenboye (JcP) // bag: Chaps // watch: MK

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Wendy C.