Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cranberry Touch

Don't you just love all black looks with a little touch of color!?!
small details, in my opinion, can change an outfit from casual to
a more dressed up look. If you break down this look you will see
that it is made up of very simple pieces. Black pants, cranberry
sweater, and a black blazer. But once you add a well structured tote
a chunky scarf, black heeled ankle booties, long earrings, high pony,
and a dark lip. the look seems to change from being just a simple 
sweater and jeans type of look to a more nicer put together outfit.

It's not always the price or brand of the clothes, what makes 
a great outfit is the way you put the pieces you already have together.
 sweater/scarf/jeans: American Eagle // blazer: strawberry(store I found while in NYC) // booties: Olsenboye (JcP) // bag: Phillip Lim x Target // watch: MK

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Wendy C.