Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Left My Heart In Paris

I used to be a huge fan of graphics t's, but as I've gotten older my 
interest in them slowly decreased. One of the reason I decided to
get this American Eagle T is because of how soft it is and the fact
that the print is not super flashy, so I figured it would be easy to 
incorporate it into many looks. I also really liked the little message,
who doesn't dream of going to Paris!? if I had to choose personally
I would go to Italy, I have this dream of someday going and visiting
the small coastal towns, the pictures I find online make me fall in
love with it more and more. But hey I would gladly take a trip to
Paris anytime if I could! ;)

On to the look, I decided to play with layers to spice up the plain
jeans and t-shirt look. I added this super old flannel that I barely
wear but can't seem to get rid of and my LC Lauren Conrad 
blazer. The blazer made this very casual outfit a little more put 
together, which is something I like to do to my looks since I 
don't really have the job or life that requires super dressy outfits.
 trust me I'm looking forward for the time where I can have the 
excuse to wear heels and dress-up on a daily basis, which means
I would have to go shopping for a new waredrobe something I
would take advantage of and fully enjoy. I girl can dream you know! ;P

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 t-shirt/jeans: American Eagle // blazer: LC (kohls) // flats: H&M //
bag: Chaps // watch: MK

Thanks so much for reading and voting!!!
Wendy C.