Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ombre Heart

So for today's look I'm sharing two of my latest purchases at AE. first, let's talk
about how cute this sweater is. I fell in love with it the minute it came in the
store and was countering down the days until I could get my hands on it. I love
everything about this sweater the heart, the fit, and don't get me started on the 
ombre color lol. The second Item is these adorable flats/sandals (to be honest I
don't even know what to call them lol) these are currently my favorite pair of shoes,
they are comfy and have this boho vibe that makes me crave warmer weather 
even more now. I can't wait to pair these babies with a white maxi dress, I just 
gotta find the dress first!

On to the look, I wore this saturday to run a few errands which reminds me if
you have a Poshmark account you can follow me!! I'm currently selling some of
my clothes and will continue to add more as soon as I go through my closet
again. I wanted to keep the look comfy since I was gonna be running around all
day. what do you guys think about it? do you like?

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sweater/jeans/flats: American Eagle // bag: Kohl's // watch: MK

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Wendy C.