Monday, February 17, 2014


It feels like forever since I wore this vest! I remember it being 
one of my favorite things last spring, I wore it non-stop! Same 
thing with the scarf, I got this scarf last fall and wore it 95% of
the time. I wore it so much that I even caught it on fire one day
yes actual flames touched this scarf, it was crazy!

On another note, I decided to incorporate the vest into this look to
add a little something to this simple and comfy outfit. In my opinion,
 this is a great way to add layers to a simple look without feeling like 
you're wearing tons of clothes. What do you think would you ever
wear a vest?

I also wanted to remind you to go like all of my pictures over at
my AE project live your life profile so I can have the chance to
be in America Eagle's next campaign. Don't forget you have to
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have your help. Thank you! Here's the link to my profile:
 shirt/vest/jeans:America Eagle // scarf/bag:Target // flats:H&M // 
watch: MK

Thanks so much for reading and for your votes!
Wendy C.