Friday, March 7, 2014

The Bag That Stole My Heart

words cannot describe how happy this little cutie makes me! I can't seem to stop smiling 
every time I look at this beauty of a bag. SOOO over the weekend I finally decided to pull
the trigger and REALLY splurge, but hey its an investment piece that will last me for a 
really long time. I've been wanting the MK medium selma for a while now & was extremely
excited when Macy's had an extra percentage off so I didn't think twice and got it.

I first gravitated towards the red one but the sad news was that my Macy's didn't seem 
to have anymore, so I settled for the navy blue one which is a little more practical. 
What do you guys think? do you love this beauty just as much as I do?!

[Mk Medium Selma]

P.S.- stay tuned for a post on a few other things I got during my weekend trip to
the mall and my first outfit post featuring this baby, which I still need to find a name for.
Yes, I name some of my things like my car, camera, bag... I'm a little weird lol

Have a great day!
Wendy C.