Friday, April 24, 2015

Comfort to the Max-i


I've only been able to post once a week lately, hopefully in a few weeks (once I'm free from college) I'll be able to share more throughout the week.

I wore this comfortable combo to a gallery visit for one of my classes, I've become a lover of galleries and I'm looking forward to visiting more in the future. So let's talk about my addiction to denim jackets! a good denim jacket is the perfect piece to have or get for your spring wardrobe essentials. I without any shame can say that I've probably worn mine more than I should, these past couple of days. They are perfect to keep you warm from the crazy and I mean CRAZY winds we've been having. I must have shot way over 100 photos where all you can see is me fumbling around because of the wind lol, these are the decent ones that made the cut. I've worn this maxi with a cropped top once and a leather jacket for a slightly more chic look {here} so I wanted to share a more comfortable option that you can wear it. An oversized white tee, comfy sandals, and a cross body bag, this is the perfect look to take you pretty much anywhere you'd like without worrying about if you'll be comfortable. 

 I'm Wearing

top/skirt/jacket | American Eagle
sandals | Michael Kors
sunglasses | Francesca's

 Thanks for reading!
Wendy C.

* I write to share my passion, not my grammar skills lol*