Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Happy Tuesday! hope you guys have had a lovely past couple of days. Today's post is very, very simple. If it had been me before, I probably wouldn't have posted this. Better yet, I probably wouldn't have taken photos. You guys know, if you read one of my recent post, that I wanted to stop sort of portraying something I'm not or copying others just because I thought they were more successful. Well back then I used to sometimes change what I was actually wearing, just so my outfits seemed a little more fashionable. I'm not saying I always did this, but I allowed that mindset to influence me to not share my true outfit of the days, which is the whole reason I started this blog. Well... I caught myself staring at my closet after work, trying to see what I should change to make this look more fashionable. Truth is, this is what I actually wore this day. 

I wore this a about a week ago (insert rap song that I obviously don't really listen to, but everyone seems to sing it when you say 'about a week ago' lol). Anyhow, I wore this to work with my black Sam Edelman Gigi sandals, that I love, but need in ever color of the rainbow. I added my New York & Company wedges, because I thought it pulled the look together and that's how I wish  had worn it, if I wasn't so freaking insecure about my height! Hope you guys like this quick and not super fashionable look, I just wanted to make sure you guys knew I was still here!

 What I'm Wearing

top | Express
jeans | American Eagle
sandals | Sam Edelman
wedges | New York & Company

Have a lovely day!
Wendy C.

 *I write to share my hobby, not my grammar skills lol