Thursday, July 9, 2015

Half Buns, Polka Dots & Decisions


I'm finally back!! I've been on a two month break from blogging and I miss it way too much. The whole reason for this is due to some changes and choices I wanted to make, both in my life outside of the blog, as well as inside. 
I started Wendy's Care To Wear, to share my love for fashion and style. But my thoughts quickly became clouded, I really hope to grow Wendy's Care To Wear. I really want to do some amazing things because of this blog and because of my love for this industry. But everything comes to you when it's meant to be, I started to focus on the numbers of likes, visits to my page and followers. Because of this I would compare myself to other bloggers out there and would try to make my post look like theirs because of the fact that they were more successful. All that did was make blogging feel like a job, not something I love doing. I took this break to step back from it all and look at it with a fresh mind set. To remember the reason why I started blogging and stop comparing myself to the billions of blogs out there. 

I'm taking this first post, of many more, as a new beginning for Wendy's Care To Wear. To share my ideas, style and anything else that comes to mind. I hope for this blog to grow and change, as I continue to grow and experience many different new things in my life. Hope you guys continue on this blogging journey with me! :)

Here is a quick look at what I wore a few days ago, I have to get the hang of shooting and posing for the camera again. ;)

What I'm Wearing

Dress | Forever 21
Wedges | New York & Company
Bag | gift

Thanks for stopping by!
Wendy C.

* I write to share my thoughts, not my grammar :)